SCN30 Index

Created to measure the performance of specially curated altcoins


The SuperCryptoNews 30 Altcoin Index (“SCN30 Index”) is created to measure the performance of specially curated altcoins (see Selection Criteria) so as to present the state of cryptocurrencies which are pioneers in trailblazing the mass adoption theme. For an altcoin to be included in the SCN30 Index represents a huge milestone and accolade as the selection process is rigorous. The SCN30 Index is owned and administered by the Novum Group.

The SCN30 Index is officially launched on 1st January 2020.


The SCN30 Index is calculated using the Laspeyres formula.

Price Index = Index Price on day t

Wi,t = Weight of Index Constituent on the day of Pricing

Pi,o and Pi,t = End of Day Price for Index Constituent on the first day and the day of Pricing

Qi,o = Volume for Index Constituent on first day

100 = Base Value for the Laspeyres formula

\[Laspeyres\ Price\ Index = { \sum (Wi,t) \times (Pi,t) \times (Qi,0) \over \sum (Pi,0) \times (Qi,0)} \times 100\]

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# Symbol Name Price Market Cap Weight Change(day)


An altcoin project may submit to the SCN30 Index team for consideration into the SCN30 Index.

Our team will conduct a preliminary evaluation and will follow up if the submission meets our internal evaluation criteria.

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Data Source

The SCN30 Index acquires all market data from:

- Binance

- CoinMarketCap

We may add or remove a Data Source if we believe by doing so, it would enhance or maintain the integrity of the SCN30 Index. The market data is acquired and computed internally on an hourly basis from the Data Sources.


The SCN30 Index is created for information purpose only. It is not intended as an investment guide nor does it imply that each of the Index Constituent is a worthy investment. The SCN30 Index does not constitute any form of financial advice or metrics. Nothing in the SCN30 Index or any related information shall be construed as an offering of financial instruments, investment advice or recommendations. In addition, the data points and any information presented maybe flawed and imperfect. The user assumes all risks and losses which may result from the consumption of any data, information or documents presented onthe SCN30 Index.